Arthur roteman

Arthur Roteman joined the FBI 12 years ago, straight out of college and determined to make a difference. Assigned to the Las Vegas branch office, Roteman quickly advanced through the ranks by building an extensive network of criminal informants. A series of high-profile arrests soon led to media coverage and local celebrity status. But Roteman began to enjoy the fame a little too much.When juicy leads from his informants began to dry up and the spotlight started to fade, Roteman began fabricating charges against people he felt had wronged him or who he disliked. When authorities discovered that Roteman had been paying off witnesses, a conviction was overturned and his career advancement inside the FBI was over. That was four years ago . . .Since then, Roteman has used his clout as an FBI agent to further his own ends, becoming more entangled with the criminal elements of the city each year. You can find him in the bars and strip clubs of Sin City, drinking heavily and investigating “persons of interest” – attractive waitresses or strippers who’ve caught his eye. He was recently photographed providing payment for services to an escort working for Lucius, who has been subsequently blackmailing him for information about ongoing FBI investigations. Roteman is looking for a way to eliminate Lucius without attracting suspicion

Age-32           Weapon-.38  Special                    Hometown-Chicago
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