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The Sequel to Mafia Wars is finally here. It is coming in 3-d. Check back for more news.

Marketplace Pages Added

Future Updates - Quests, Marketplace Pages, Unreleased Page, Homepage, Menues, and More!

Weapons icon 60x60 Armor icon 60x60 Vehicles icon 60x60 Buildings icon 60x60 Decorations icon 60x60 Boost icon 60x60 Clothing icon 60x60 MiscTab Expansion icon 60x60 Icon misc 60x60
Weapons Armor Vehicles Buildings Decor Boosts Clothing Energy Expand Misc


Reward xp Reward energy Doober Health Reward product Reward basic Reward streetCred Reward premium
Experience Energy Health Product Cash Street Cred Gold
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October 21st 2011
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