Production is a type of Building which is harvested to gather Product. There are two tiers a player can buy, each of which can be upgraded once players reach a certain level.

The cheapest buildings produce less product per harvest, but due to the short time it takes to refill, for players who log in frequently and constantly harvest them, they can amass product at a much faster rate. The expensive buildings are more energy efficient (more product per click) and suited to characters who log in less frequently, like once every day or two.

Tier 2 buildings follow the same pattern, they cost more to buy but produce a much larger quantity of product.

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Costs gold bars:

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  • It costs $? to upgrade to level 2, which gives a 316prod, a 46% increase from level 1
  • It costs $30650 to upgrade to level 3, which gives 414prod, a 31% increase from level 2

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  • (can be upgraded at level 43)

Product per dayEdit

The more expensive buildings that are collected less frequently give players the most product per click (it takes 4 energy to collect). Yet the cheaper buildings, when collected more frequently, are capable of providing a much greater amount of product to players who are able to collect them.

  • Creamery: 205
  • Absinthe Distillery: 240+
  • Ultimate Muscle: 320
  • Liquor Store: 560
  • DVD Copy Centre: 960
  • Grow House: 5760
  • Private Club: 253
  • Faux Villon Fashion: 370+
  • Candyland: 460
  • Butcher's Paradise: 360
  • Recredit Card: 540
  • Crystal Lab: 12960

Considering most people have to sleep, the 5 minute and 4 hour collection periods lose advantages.

Energy costsEdit

In particular, since energy is only generated at a rate of 1 per 72 seconds, players just barely produce enough energy to harvest a single 5 minute production facilities 24/7, since they need 4 each time.

Since characters get back 50 energy per hour, this would make 4 hour more collection sustainable with multiple buildings, though 8 or 12 hour collections allow people to sleep.

When characters get Expansions and can amass a large number of production buildings, having longer collection periods is more advantageous so that enough energy is available to collect from them all.

It may be easiest for players to remember a set time to collect, either only AM or PM (for 24 hour productions) or both (for 12 hour productions.

It is more difficult to remember 8 hour periods since the numbers are different, and for 2-3 day collection periods it is easy to forget about the game and skip more days of play than necessary and leave the building vulnerable to attack from other players.


Building Name Cost Time Payout
Hydroponic built icon Grow House 1200 Cash 5 Mins 20 Product
Dvd copy center built icon DVD Copy Center 1700 Cash 1 Hour 40 Product
Liquor store 2 built icon Liquor Store 2350 Cash 4 Hours 73 Product
Ultimate muscle built icon Ultimate Muscle 2630 Cash 12 Hours 167 Product
Absinthe distillery built icon Absinthe Distillery 3150 Cash 23 Hours 252 Product
Creamery Creamery 8300 Cash 2 Days 430 Product
Meth lab built icon Crystal Lab 15800 Cash 5 Mins 45 Product
Recredit card built icon Recredit Card 14700 cash 4 Hours 93 Product
Butcher'sParadise Butcher's Paradise 10300 Cash 8 Hours 126 Product
Candyland Candyland 18500 Cash 12 Hours 241 Product
Faux villon fashion built icon Faux Villon Fashion 16650 Cash 23 Hours 388 Product
Strip club icon Private Club 24050 Cash 3 Days 797 Product
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