Spoiler Unreleased Content

This page contains information about Unreleased Content, which may be inaccurate or change over time.


  • Note: Just because such in game things exist on this page as unreleased it does not mean it will never be released.

Comments made are only and purely speculation until anything official is announced.

Please add comments/ speculation comments below in the comments section.

Some of these things may be released already. If so let me know


  • Energy Icon, XP Icon, Coins Icon
  • Fight Badges
  • Agents
Energy XP Coins Badge Critcal Dodge Critcal Badge Accurate
Energy 25x25 Xp 25x25 Coin 25x25 FightBadge crit FightBadge critdodge FightBadge accurate
Dodge Hit Miss Agents
FightBadge dodge FightBadge hit FightBadge miss Agents icon 60x60
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