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The daughter of a Yakuza gangster and his French-born mistress, Zoe was born in Honolulu. When she was a teenager, she witnessed her father put her mother in the hospital following a drunken rage. Shortly after, she stole a cache of her father’s money and caught a flight to Los Angeles. After unsuccessfully attempting to break into the movie industry, she decided to move east to Las Vegas where she found work as a cocktail waitress.While working in a casino, Zoe met Arthur Roteman, an up-and-coming FBI agent who befriended her and protected her from an abusive ex-boyfriend. In exchange, she passed him information about criminal activities she picked up while waitressing. Arthur frequently flirts with Zoe, who appreciates his friendship but has deftly dodged his advances.Zoe is an acquaintance of Tony and Lucius, but hides her dislike of them in the interest of her aspiration to become a player in the Las Vegas power game. Tony has agreed to back her plans to build a nightclub; however, she realizes that if her club is successful, Tony will simply take it over. Zoe is looking for someone she can trust to remove Tony from the equation if and when it becomes necessary.

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